If you are still running Android M or N on those devices and are managing them under Android+ (Device Administrator) then you can use the following scripts. 


writesecuresetting -glo animator_duration_scale 0.0

writesecuresetting -glo transition_animation_scale 0.0

writesecuresetting -glo window_animation_scale 0.0



If you are instead managing them under Android Enterprise, then there is nothing you can do because Zebra has elected to stop signing new AE plugins in order to allow us to leverage things like writesecuresetting. This is a great example of things getting worse when moving to AE. 



Zebra has been adding more features to MX to handle some of these feature gaps (eg. screen orientation), but controlling animation scale is still not one of those ported features. 




New features in MX also require firmware upgrades in order to be able to leverage them which is a little silly for stuff that we already had configurable control under DA. As you can tell I'm still salty about how we were prematurely forced into Android Enterprise with Zebra Devices in SOTI before there was feature parity with the management capabilities of DA.