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The "This action is disabled by MobiControl" error is related to your Feature Control. Try allowing this option: "Allow Uninstallation of Managed Applications" as a test to see if behavior changes.


Regarding the theme of blocking Chrome, I will clarify a few aspects that might save you some issues in the future and others too. In Android OS 7.0 and above, disabling chrome causes the agent to crash in lockdown. We therefore made it so ARC blacklist for chrome had no effect in ALL 13.4+ agents. If customers want to prevent access to chrome in OS7+ devices they are asked to use the manualblacklist script to “soft-block”(activity suppression block) it.


In agents this was revoked ONLY for AE and not for A+.


So if a customer on AE is using ARC to block chrome while also applying a lockdown profile, this is not supported / unnecessary. If you insist on a need to block chrome on-top of the lockdown profile, you'll need to use the manualblacklist script to “soft-block”(activity suppression block) it.


Ultimately, you shouldn't be blocking Chrome via ARC if you're using a lockdown. That is best practice. On AE if you do that, then you'll face problems.


The manualblacklist script is:

manualblacklist add com.android.chrome
manualblacklist on



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