Does SOTI support Android Enterprise Zero Touch Enrollment?

Does SOTI support Android Enterprise Zero Touch Enrollment?

I'm working with my device reseller at the moment to input my devices in the Zero Touch Portal. Is SOTI MobiControl a supported EMM and how can I set this up?

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Hafeez Mulji | posted this 23 January 2018

Yes, SOTI has offered day 0 support for the Zero Touch functionality. As an EMM we've provided Google with our Android Enterprise Agent which is available on the Zero Touch Portal. 


The steps below outline how to create a Configuration for SOTI MobiControl within the Zero Touch Portal: 

1. Login to the Zero Touch Portal
2. Click on the Configurations Tab and Create a New Configuration
3. Enter the following details:
        a. Configuration Name
        b. Select ‘MobiControl | Android Enterprise’ from the EMM DPC dropdown
        c. Enter the following into the 'DPC Extras' field with the correct Enrollment ID you wish the devices to enroll with

                  { "enrollmentId": "ABCD1234" }
        d. Fill in a Company Name, E-mail, Phone Number and a Custom Message the device user will see.
        e. Click Apply to save the config.
4. Click on the Devices Tab and apply the Configuration to selected devices.


Once this configuration is applied to devices, anytime they are factory reset and hit connectivity, they will check in with the Zero Touch Portal and download the Android Enterprise agent and enroll into MobiControl if the enrollment ID was provided.

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Matt Dermody | posted this 23 January 2018

I'm just trying to understand how the ZT comes into play here. Are the devices already enrolled in MobiControl and then have a ZT profile applied as like a fail safe to force re-enrollment after any future factory reset? Or can ZT also be used to enroll the devices the first time?



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Hafeez Mulji | posted this 23 January 2018


By working directly with a Device Reseller, Clients can have their new devices populated within the Zero Touch Portal to ensure that the minute they come out of the box they are forced under Management.


Existing Devices that are already under Management can also be added to the Zero Touch Portal by the clients to ensure that these devices remain under Management at all times, even after a factory reset.


The service basically allows for minimal user interaction since the device will automatically connect to the Zero Touch Portal, Download the correct Management Agent and Enroll into the EMM as soon as it hits connectivity for the first time.


You can find a list of existing and upcoming Carriers/Resellers, OEM Partners and EMM Partners here.


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