File Sync Rule Delete Bulk

File Sync Rule Delete Bulk

Hi everyone, 

I got around 250 devices enrolled to MC v15.2.3.1033

Recently i applied File Sync Rule to all devices to collect JSON file from each devices to server.

1 file size around 800kb-1MB. I collect it daily, means around 250MB collect daily from all devices. I used Subfolder with device tree path.

My question is, is there any way we can delete file from SOTI File System with kind of filter :

Example : bulk delete all JSON file > 7 days

Reason being is i am afraid it will loaded the cloud server since in 1 month it will be 7.5 GB size of data.


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Marcus Breitenthaler | posted this 28 September 2021

Hi Randy,

when you are creating a CMD with the command:

forfiles /p "Full Path C:\TEMP" /s /m *.json* /d -7 /c "cmd /c del /q @path"

May you can let it run every 24 Hours with a Task in the Task Scheduler.

With that i delete in other Cases Many Files ;)


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Raymond Chan | posted this 30 September 2021

You can initiate required server actions with script using an extra dummy file-sync rule dedicated for file clean-up purpose at scheduled times.


If your MobiControl server is on-premises, you can choose scrpt other than MS-Windows default script or powershell, as you should be able to install the script back-end yourself easily.  For cloud instance,  you have to contact Soti support team to check if they can install anything for you.


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