Force Android Update

Force Android Update

Im trying to force my Android devices to auto update using the following script set with a scheduled task

In the log I get the error Custom log (missing ; before statement (Auto Update OS.js#1))

My Auto Update OS.js is just

writeprivateprofstring SystemUpdatePolicy SystemUpdatePolicy 1
apply SystemUpdatePolicy

If I open send script on a device,select JavaScript and send the same script above I get the same error.

If I select legacy I get the notifications.

Script was sent to device (writeprivateprofstring SystemUpdatePolicy SystemUpdatePolicy 1 apply SystemUpdatePolicy

Feature is not supported (SystemUpdatePolicy)

So my question is do I have to set the script to legacy somehow to make it work on a scheduled task?

And is it actually supported?

I have tried on Android device versions 7 and 8.1 running SOTI agent 14.4.1

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Jason Hall | posted this 15 December 2020

HI Raymond,


The devices i am trying to upgrade are LGE LG-M200

I dont have the block OS upgrade set on any policies.

The devices are running the version of the agent.

Yes i just want to change the update mode so that the devices are prompted to start the update.

This is the error i receive if i run the script on a device

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Raymond Chan | posted this 11 December 2020

What is the brand/model of the device you use to test?  Have you disabled the ""block OS upgrade" option in any feature-control profile configuration payload deployed to the device?


From my own tests of the script command

  writeprivateprofstring SystemUpdatePolicy SystemUpdatePolicy 1
  apply SystemUpdatePolicy

on a number of device models in Android-Enterprise Device-Owner mode, it works fine.  According to Soti documentation, the device agent needs to be at least v13.9.0. 


Please note that the command does not FORCE an update INSTANSTLY right after receiving the command.  It just changes the update mode.   Depending on the firmware of individual device brand/model, the check on any available firmware upgrade from the OEM vendor upgrade server may be scheduled at a later time or after the device has got rebooted.   



For older AEDO device firmwares or device agents, you may try using the legacy command

  set_system_update_policy  1


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