Google Account creation failure on Samsung A32 - Android 11 - along the enrollment

Google Account creation failure on Samsung A32 - Android 11 - along the enrollment

We have received some A32 to be enrolled in our MC

After we set the afw#mobicontrol it starts to download the MC Agent (now it is 14.5.3.....)

At this time we receive a message telling the Operational System is not original.

Work Profile Forbiden

(It is not possible to create the work profile. The security policies denies to create a managed work device, because a customized Operational System is or has been installed on this device).

The OEM Version of it looks as original (RP1A.200720.012.A325FXXU1AUF2)

The mobile is just out of the box.

As it is Android 11, we are enforced to grant permissions individually to the Agent, before it goes on (access any file, manage system and so on).

If we go forward the Agent install but at the time to create the google account, it hangs on the PlayStore account requesting to recreate account by identity confirmation:

Recreate Account

(Confirm who yo are. You log off google account , please log in to continue).

On the next screen it does not allow to type in any entry. And Click on next, it fails.


After hanging in this screen, we have tried to go by download the MC Agent from the server.

Then we have proceed by a factory reset and skip google account.

Installed the agent by our server. The issue starts as it comes as Android instead of Android Enterprise(the download agent was Enterprise).

Enterprise Agent

And again, it does not create the google account, presenting the screen as pending action to create a work profile in the device.


Work Profile Request

(Work Profile Provisioning. Click Here to configure a work profile).

It never creates the work profile as the click had no effect.

Has anyone had a good installation for Samsung A32 ?

  • 30 June 2021
  • SOTI MobiControl
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2 Answers

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JCMOD@SOTI | posted this 12 July 2021

Hi Joao,


Thank you for posting in SOTI Central.


If you download the AE Agent from the server itself, then you can expect the device will interpret itself as a Work Profile. Then it brings us back to the initial issue of setting up your device as a Fully Managed AE Device via the afw#mobicontrol.


Can you attempt a Factory Reset via the Settings App on your device and then try again?



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Joao Nelson Cavezale de la Torre | posted this 12 July 2021

Thank you for reply.

We have tried the procedure and even using start script.

It looks as incompatibility from the agent.

We have opened a Jira into Soti to check this case.


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