Group Detail Location

Group Detail Location

Hi all,

Recently in v15 we got new feature that really ncie in Group Detail Location (my MC version is

We can see location of devices in 1 group. One question about this feature, why the location map didn't update itself?

I check the Location but 1 device seems not update, i should check curent location myself and after that the location update in map.

Is there any method to keep the device location updated automatically everytime we check the group detail location?

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Raymond Chan | posted this 03 May 2021

Display multiple devices on the same map was possible in earlier MobiControl versions such as v11 & 12.  As you said, similar function has been added back in the newer GUI for MobiControl v15.x.  However, I personally still haven't spent much time testing on this feature on my v15.x server instances yet.


Your mentioned issue has always  been controversial in earlier MobiControl versions, because it is very rare that ALL devices of a large group of devices can have their REAL-TIME geometic coordinates captured, transferred and eventually shown on the same map in practice.   When a map is requested by an administrattor,  some devices may be offline or have the GPS hardware turned off,  or cannot return any coordinate because the GPS signal is too weak, etc.  Some administartors may want to have last (but not too old according to his/her preferred time tolerance) location data also shown, while others may find such arrangment misleading/confusing.   Some may want different colour or different symbol used to shown GPS location of different time-validity.  It's really difficulty to implement something that can please everybody.


In any case,  you can try adding data-collection rule to collect location data at reguar interval for all devices of interest and changing available options associated with locate/track request, and see if you can get more pleasing (according to your personal preference) map with the Mobicontrol v15.x implementation.


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Randy, Saputra | posted this 03 May 2021

Hi Raymond,

Thanks for answering, you've been quite ever present here in SOTI discussion :)

About your comment, i apply feature control policy to all devices that set the "Location : High accuracy"

For update schedule i set it to default (2 hour) so it will update location every 2 hours.

Moreover i also apply Out of contact policy but unfortunately the Log from devices said it's not supported (Samsung A01)

Lastly i send script "connect -f" to all device just to make sure the device always connected to MC. 

Maybe another insight from you after know all the config?

Thanks & appreciate your comment.

Randy Saputra

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