Honeywell CT60 Provision mode enable

Honeywell CT60 Provision mode enable

This question is specific to the honeywell device. 

Google updates have blocked honeywell system service for suspicious activity. This has been fixed from a honeywell patch via OS update.

However the devices that have the service already blocked and updated the firmware will still have the service blocked. 

Honeywell sent me this android shell script to enable the service but I cannot seem to get it to work via SOTI. I have tried scripts via the console, post and pre install scripts under packages and also using the shell screen via remote control. Nothing seems to work. 

Below is the shell script. 


pm enable


I need enable this honeywell service to use the honeywell provisioning mode.




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Raymond Chan | posted this 01 October 2019

The given script is not MobiControl script command.   I don't have any Honeywell device to do any test, but I think you should enable USB debug and have the device connected via USB, and then use adb shell to run the given command.

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Kavinda Senarath | posted this 01 October 2019

Hi Raymond thank you for the reply. 

Honeywell sent accross an xml file with the pm enable script in it and below script to activate the xml. 

sendintent -b "intent:#Intent;;S.path=/sdcard/honeywell/provisioner.xml;launchFlags=0x0000020;end"

However this did not work for me. 


The command works via adb shell but I want to enable the honeywell service for devices in the field currently there are few hundred devices.

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Raymond Chan | posted this 01 October 2019

All the following are just some educated guesses on possible cause of your problem:


Have you checked if the enrolled device agent has all the required app permission(s) granted to run the script?    


Also,  you have to check if the directory /sdcard/honeywell/ is a valid one.   You may also try to use other directory such as /sdcard/honeywell/persist/ , etc.


Finally, make sure your .xml file has no typos (e.g. hidden character, wrong spelling, unbalanced structure, etc).

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Rodney Phillips | posted this 29 October 2019

Hi Kavinda,


I just ran into a similar situation where I needed to deploy an EZconfig setting via xml... I was trying your sendintent command and having trouble until I found this article:


For Android 7 and up, the syntax has changed slightly (specifically the 'launchflags' portion) - Also to Raymond's point, make sure that file actually exists in the location you are pointing to with your intent.

Hope this helps!

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Kavinda Senarath | posted this 29 October 2019

HI Rodney, 

Yes this works thank you. My issue was I had the Provisioner.xml to provisioner.xml 

Did not know files names were case sensitive. yikes.

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