How can i migrate MobiControl to a new server.

How can i migrate MobiControl to a new server.

Hello Everybody,


We are running our MobiControl on a version14, and want to upgrade. 

This is currently not possible as we are on an old server and old ms sql database version.


So what i need to do is move everything to a new server, Management, Deploy and Database.

So my question is, how do i do this ? 

I have asked support, but they have no documentation nor provide support for this specific scenario. 


What i have tried. 

- Setup new server, install new ms sql database on the same server.

- Backed up the database and moved to the new server. 

- Installed latest MobiControl Version software

- Ran the "MobiControl Administration Utility" and changed the server name where i could see it needed.

- - Tested all in "MobiControl Administration Utility" and everything is green.


Now with in the newly install MobiControl the interface looks okay, BUT in the global settings it still shows the old deployment server and management server in the list. 

And browsing the next generation console interface in my device groups none of the chart or working/filling out and i get javascript errors. with


"GET 422
scheduleTask @ polyfills.68e3111c0762e8cc8d50.js:83
ZoneDelegate.scheduleTask @ polyfills.68e3111c0762e8cc8d50.js:8
onScheduleTask @ polyfills.68e3111c0762e8cc8d50.js:8
ZoneDelegate.scheduleTask @ polyfills.68e3111c0762e8cc8d50.js:8
Zone.scheduleTask @ polyfills.68e3111c0762e8cc8d50.js:8
Zone.scheduleMacroTask @ polyfills.68e3111c0762e8cc8d50.js:8
scheduleMacroTaskWithCurrentZone @ polyfills.68e3111c0762e8cc8d50.js:16
(anonymous) @ polyfills.68e3111c0762e8cc8d50.js:83
i.<computed> @ polyfills.68e3111c0762e8cc8d50.js:16
(anonymous) @ portal.f4a2d3723db924ac34fb.js:1304
Observable._trySubscribe @ portal.f4a2d3723db924ac34fb.js:1282
Observable.subscribe @ portal.f4a2d3723db924ac34fb.js:1282
Show 102+ more frames
portal.f4a2d3723db924ac34fb.js:487 ERROR TypeError: e.cause.json is not a function
at SafeSubscriber._error (portal.f4a2d3723db924ac34fb.js:1239)
at SafeSubscriber.__tryOrUnsub (portal.f4a2d3723db924ac34fb.js:1282)
at SafeSubscriber.error (portal.f4a2d3723db924ac34fb.js:1282)
at Subscriber._error (portal.f4a2d3723db924ac34fb.js:1282)
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at CatchSubscriber.OuterSubscriber.notifyError (portal.f4a2d3723db924ac34fb.js:1393)"


Are there any references in the database or any correct way of migrating and upgrading that you know of ? 


Thanks Guys. :)

  • 23 September 2019
  • SOTI MobiControl
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4 Answers

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Support Staff | posted this 24 September 2019

Hello Kasper, 


The reason there is limited documentation on this is that it can be a tricky process.  


Please be cautious using some of the scripts that were supplied for other customer environments, since the migration/transferring of devices to a new environment are customized according to each user's unique environment. There is a risk of losing connectivity to the devices if not performed accurately.


I recommend you get in contact with our Professional Services Department for expert advice regarding the migration process.    You can do this by creating a case and requesting a discovery call to be arranged through SOTI Support.  




Technical Support | SOTI Inc. |1.905.624.9828 | | |

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Kasper Vinding | posted this 25 September 2019

Thanks for your reply, 


Still i would think, in a case such as ours. With no customization of the product, just using standard functionality that it should be possible with a few corrections. 

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Support Staff | posted this 15 October 2019

Hi Kasper, 


With what I have read in your steps.  Assuming you have met all of the correct requirements for the version you are installing.  I would suggest a reinstall of sorts making a few changes.  Hopefully, you have multiple DB backups.  


I would change one step from what I have seen already, and that is when you moved your DB over you should install the current version of MC that the DB is on. 


Then upgrade from there following the upgrade path.


Hope this helps.



Technical Support | SOTI Inc. |1.905.624.9828 | | |

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Raymond Chan | posted this 16 October 2019

Hi Kasper,

From your brief description of your steps,  I think there are many trivial problems and from that I have to conclude that you do not have sufficient background to do the task and debug when something goes wrong.  Please forgive me for being frank.


If you have only a small number of non-mission-critical devices on your server and you wouldn't mind the possibility of massive device recalls and/or complete re-deployment from scratch,  you can go ahead to explore, and hopefully can at least learn something from mistakes.   However, if you crash something accidentally,  I believe Soti nor your local support might provide free support to debug your case, and the best one can do is to start everything from scratch  on the new server.  My company often charges our customer more to debug after heavy mis-use  than to implement from scratch. 


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