Hello Atif, 


MobiControl can assist you with this VIA script commands, which can be deployed to your devices VIA a package.  Here are 3 possible methods to perform this task.


1. Sending a script to edit the reg values using our reg edit commands found in the following link.




2. Sending a script to execute a power-shell command to turn off the Windows Update Services.


3. Create a package with a .bat file that can be sent to the devices to change the Windows update service status to Disabled 


If you require assistance, I have provided a link for you to create a case with Soti Support.  Please provide your registration code, device info and inquiry details, etc.. in order for a Soti Technical Specialist to assist you in turning off your Windows updates on your devices.   


Click here to create a case


Technical Support | SOTI Inc. |1.905.624.9828 | support@soti.net | www.soti.net |