Charts are a visual representation of device properties for devices within a selected device group, or a search criteria. All the devices that appear in the Devices list will be reflected in the charts. Commonly used charts will appear the very first time you run MobiControl, and you can always control which charts are displayed by adding, changing, or removing charts as you please to suit your needs. The Charts panel in MobiControl can also be completely hidden by clicking the Charts button.

MobiControl currently has two chart categories (Pre-Built charts and Custom charts) and a handful of chart types (Column, Doughnut, Stacked Column, and Stacked Doughnut). A maximum of twelve charts can be added. Hovering on the charts reveals more detailed stats.


Pre-Built Charts: You can select charts from the Pre-Built chart list. Click the gear icon on a given chart slot, in the first dropdown, select Pre-Built Chart, choose the chart that you want to display and click Save. The chart you selected will now appear.


Custom Charts: You can always create your own custom charts by selecting from one of the available chart types (example: Column) and selecting a Device Property (example: Manufacturer). For a Stacked chart (example: Stacked Column) you will need to select two different Device Properties. Saving the chart will display the custom chart.