How do I install multiple OS packages on Zebras?

How do I install multiple OS packages on Zebras?

SOTI Version: Version: 

Devices: Zebra TC56J Android 7.1.2

Agent version:


I am trying to find an efficient way to upgrade our Android 7.1 devices to Android 8. Currently, I have a staging OU that downloads the OS update from 7 to 8, with a post copy script that successfully upgrades the device to 8.1 However, this disconnects it from SOTI since the agent is then incompatible. So, I'm trying to do this all through StageNow. According to this:


I should be able to. I followed that guide exactly, with the exception of a file sync rule since the device is orphaned after upgrading to 8. Instead, I added in FileMgr configs that copy my Android 8 patch, an Android 8 reset zip, and a UPL file that lists both. The PowerMgr config is set exactly as in my link above. However even though StageNow says it is successful (and the files physically are copied to the device) it never seems to process the patch and reset files.

 Contents of my UPL file is:



Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and tips on what I may be doing wrong. Thanks!


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DDMOD@SOTI | posted this 14 July 2020

Hi Ian Stuart,


Thanks for the post!

The easiest way to upgrade the OS is to follow the below 2 steps:

1. Push the OS update file to the device using a 'File Sync' rule

2. Send the below script to execute the file sent to the device

sendintent -b "intent:#Intent;action=com.symbol.intent.action.UPDATE_PACKAGE;S.file=/sdcard/;end"

Please replace the file name while pushing the file via File Sync rule to match the above script and share the outcome. 
Also, confirm that the device do not have any old OS upgrade files, if so, it should be replaced with the new one. Moving the file via File Sync rule is usually a slow process. Disable the File sync rule after the use of script.



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christopheBERNARD | posted this 15 July 2020

Hello all,

I have migrate 700 devices under android 6 to 7 (zebra tc75 enroll android +).

Here is it my way and no problem while the device is online of course :)

By the night, device are relocate to a new folder where a new agent soti is installed

a profile installed the zip file for the upgrade 

a script stage now start for to run the upgrade


on the morning, i replace the device to the correct folder.


In the begining, i have upgrade perhpas 10 devices a day just for to be sure it's work fine.

after some days, i upgrade more 100 devices day.


have a nice day


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Ian Stuart | posted this 15 July 2020

Thank you for the posts! Both of these comments do in fact work, the only problem I'm running into is that upgrading from 7 to 8 makes the agent incompatible and so I lose any management from SOTI. Maybe I can find a way to install the Android 8 agent prior to the upgrade and then have it re-enroll after upgrading. I'm not sure, it sounds like a long shot.

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