You could try and launch the URL via a .LNK file that can be written in notepad.

  • Locate the program you wish to use on the device and note the path, for example "\Windows\Browser.exe"
  • Locate the URL file that can be opened by that program and note the path, for example "\Application\Website.URL"
  • Open a new notepad and write down the information in the following format:
  • XX#"\Windows\Browser.exe" "\Application\Website.URL"
  • Change XX to the number of characters and spaces after the hash. In this example case it is 49.
  • 49#"\Windows\Browser.exe" "\Application\Website.URL"
  • Save the file as a .LNK file.
  • Transfer the LNK file to the device. Preferably in the Application folder.
  • In the Lockdown Configuration. Enter just the LNK file path.