How to AUTHORIZE a unique WIFI acces point ?

How to AUTHORIZE a unique WIFI acces point ?

Hello all,

we use MC browser on version and on mobile under android we have the client on version 13.3.2 build 1014.

Our app has need to access a wifi access point ..and we 'd like if it's possible with MOBICONTROL to restrict to connect ONLY on this wifi point ?

if yes, how we can do this ?


thanks for all

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Raymond Chan | posted this 20 August 2018

Please clarify your situation:

- Are the device using Generic Android, Android plus or Android Enterprise device agents?

- What is/are the brands of your devices?  

- Is there 3G/4G cellular connection available on the device(s)?

- By MC browser, did you mean Soti Surf Secure Browser?  

- Are there any other apps on your device that need network access? If so, does your restriction to use the specific Wifi Access Point apply to these apps too?



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christopheBERNARD | posted this 21 August 2018

Hello Raymond,

thanks and sorry for the empty detail , here is it some information:

the device is zebra tc 75 under android 6.0

I think it's android plus because, in mobicontrol console administration , all devices are locate under an icon name android +.

Yes, our device has a sim card.

By MC Browser, for me MC browser it's the mobicontrol administration interface (web console) where I manage all my device.

Yes, the restriction must be for two app. In fact, on all our device we have a lock down with two icon

first icon , open the main app

second icon, open a little app (web view) for to connect to our intranet


thanks for all

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Raymond Chan | posted this 21 August 2018

You can confirm the agent platform simply by looking into the "Active MDM API" field in the "Device Configuration" tab of the device agent. Let's assume it is Android+ as you said.


I guess you are using your predefined Wifi  AP to allow restricted access to internal network with the web-view app, and the cellular data-connection is for  external/internet access only.


For Zebra devices, you should be able to configure your Wifi AP setting  using 

1. Wifi payload to push  Wifi settings (SSID, mode, password, etc.) to your devices.

2. Feature Control payload to restrict  adding new Wifi  profile payload  and changing existing Wifi profile.

This of course assume you have cleared all other disallowed Wifi profiles beforehand.


Unfortunately, I think Zebra devices do not support firewall payload in Android+ platform, you have no way to restrict your main app to using cellular data connection only and your webview app to use Wifi connection to access your internet network, based on the bundle-ID of the corresponding app.


One possible approach  may be taken if you can get your web app running on Soti Surf rather than on your own webview-based app engine.    Then you can use Enterprise Resource Gateway (ERG) to allow its access to your intranet via Wifi, and restrict its access to the outside by using kiosk mode or URL whitelist in Soti Surf.    The main app is blocked by the ERG for any access  attempt to your intranet via Wifi, but can access external/internet via cellular network connection.




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christopheBERNARD | posted this 23 August 2018

Hello raymond,

thanks for your time , that's great to help me ...

have a nice day


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