How to change Remote view to Remote Control

How to change Remote view to Remote Control

My Clients device dont have remote control feature

How to change from remote view to remote control?

My Device Samsung Galaxy A20s

Android OS 10

Enrolled Type : Android Enterprise

Mobicontrol Agent version

Soti server Version:


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Raymond Chan | posted this 11 September 2020

What are the active MDM api's reported by your device agent.  If you have not enrolled your device into Managed-Device mode, full remote-control should not be supported.


However, I also heard from Samsung guys a few months ago that Samsung A20s, together with some other low-cost device models manufactured in Vietnam,  have some Knox MDM libraries removed from the device firmware.   Hence, it is likely that this device model does not support full remote control nor many other more advanced MDM policiies.   As I don't have any A20s on hand to do any tests, I cannot be sure whether this is still true with the latest firmware.


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Edgar Gomez | posted this 11 September 2020


Check if your devices are enrolled as Managed Profile. In that case you can only have remote view.

If you want remote control you have to enroll devices as managed device (factory reset required) or with the classic OEM Agent. 

Agent version 14.3.2 (both Enterprise and OEM) fixed the issue for Samsung devices with Android 10, included A20S

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