There are few options how to access SOTI Assist. The default one is to use internet browser and type the URL address of the SOTI Assist application. After that user will be prompted to provide login credentials.

If user is already logged in MobiControl two additional options are available:

  • To start SOTI Assist by clicking on the SOTI Assist icon
    • In MobiControl 14 this icon is available in the “Hamburger” (side) menu
    • In MobiConrol 13.3 this icon is available on the top menu bar. 
  • To create device incident
    • In MobiControl 14 this can be done by clicking on the “Report Incident” option from the device infi dialog
    • In MobiControl 13.3 this option is available in the device right click drop down menu (“Create Help Desk Ticket”)

In both cases user credentials from MobiControl will be passed to SOTI Assist and no additional login is required.