How to plan a wipe device ?

How to plan a wipe device ?

Hello all,

we have many devices (zebra TC 75X under android 6.0).

our server mobicontrol is on version :

our client soti mobicontrol is on version : 13.5.0 build 1677


For some reason as for example driver lost his device we need to WIPE the device after x days for example ...

Is it possible to wipe the device after x days of no connection ?


could you tell me, which is best way for to WIPE device when this device isn't connected since several days ?


thanks for your time

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Raymond Chan | posted this 21 December 2018

You can consider putting your required action(s) in the script of a device-side Out-Of-Contact policy for Android+/Android-Enterprise platform.


It is possible to set multiple time thresholds in such OOC profile, each with a separate script that defines required action(s) whenever the targeted device has been out-of-contact with the MobiControl server for at least the designated time-threshold.  In this multi-tier OOC approach,  the final tier usually include the device-/enterprise- wipe operation, while earlier tier(s) can include actions such as showing warning message on the device screen, turning on various wireless connection(s), uninstalling sensitive apps or removing sensitive data files, etc. 


Moreover, any custom operation(s) can in principle be initiated by calling custom apps  (e.g. using script command such as "start", "sendintent", etc.) in the OOC script.


If you really include a wipe operation in the OOC profile, it is usually a good practice to include corresponding server side OOC alert rule with shorter time threshold to give advance warning to the administrator, so that the device end-user can be contacted to request an on-line device sync be made as soon as possible.    The granularity of time threshold for server-side OOC alert rule is hour,  and therefore cannot be used for earlier tier(s) of OOC profile which can have time threshold as small as 1 minute.


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Matt Dermody | posted this 21 December 2018

Raymond's suggestion is certainly the optimal technical solution for your problem but please make sure you have the proper safety measures and processes in place for implementing such a solution. An Out of Contact policy will synchronize whatever scripts that you specify to the device in advance so that they can be activated at the device level after the specified timeout window is reached. A well implemented SOTI environment should be relatively self-sufficient so you may even go several weeks to a month+ without logging into your environment. If something were to happen to the SOTI server in that timeframe or some network change started blocking the connection to the server from the devices then you would potentially end up in a situation where ALL devices governed by that policy would wipe themselves unless you remedied the connectivity issue first. 

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christopheBERNARD | posted this 27 December 2018

Hello raymond, matt,

thanks a lot for your comment and suggestion that's great ...

well, yes we need to have a dashboard with information about device who CAN BE WIPE for this week for exemple ..

And call the driver ; or take information about what's happen ...


I've notice also, if i turn off my device and wait +- one minute and send the wipe command by mobicontrol 

when i start my device after several minutes for example ->  when the device is connected to mobicontrol the device is ...wipe !

Great ...


but if i shut off the device > 30 min and start on ...the command (wipe) is never fired ..

Is it an option somewhere ?



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Raymond Chan | posted this 27 December 2018

Did you use Action->Wipe or use Send-> Script with "reset /w"?

If you use the latter with the default option "Mobicontrol : Queue message for delivery to offline devices" selected, the wipe operation requested should be queued and eventually performed on the device after it gets back on-line 30 minutes or even weeks after the request. 


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christopheBERNARD | posted this 28 December 2018

Hello raymond,


thanks a lot for your time you spend here ...

Yes, i use action wipe and yes it's ok if the device is off < 30 minutes ...


Thanks for all


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