I have a Honeywell VM1A that I am unable to get full remote-control working

I have a Honeywell VM1A that I am unable to get full remote-control working

Evaluating Honeywell Android VM1A.  This is my first android device that I have tried to add to our mobicontrol server.  I can get the agent installed and get remote view only to the terminal.  Through all my efforts I have been unable to get full remote control to the device like I have with all my windows CE and windows mobile devices.  Have opened previous ticket with Soti but have been unable to get this resolved.

Running Soti MobiControl version

Agent on the Honeywell VM1A is below



Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

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Matt Dermody | posted this 25 July 2019

You  have the device enrolled as Work Profile (Profile Owner)  instead of Work Managed (Device Owner) which is what you're going to want for a dedicated device like a VM1A. You will need to Factory Reset the device and re-enroll for proper DO enrollment. 


AFTER you do that, then you'll need to install the manufacturer specific Remote Control plugin for Android Enterprise.


One of these two, I'm thinking the second one.




Afterwards you should see these supported APIs


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Jonathan | posted this 08 August 2019

Hello Matt, finally able to get back to this device. I factory reset the device but  I have been unable to get the specific OEM agent installed to do the enrollment.  First there is no 13.4 agent version available (our mobicontrol version is that works on the Honeywell VM1A.  I have tried most of the other agents available at soti.net/oem but keep getting either "version incompatible" error or an error when trying to start the agent. Not sure how to proceed with this device.  thanks for any insights you may have.  

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Matt Dermody | posted this 08 August 2019
  • Delete any Google accounts from Settings if you added one in order to avoid FRP.
  • Factory Reset
  • Manually connect to WiFi in the SUW
  • Type afw#mobicontrol when prompted for a Google account
  • Proceed through the SUW steps to download and install the AE agent
  • When the AE agent launches, input your enrollment ID. 
  • When the device enrolls, apply the manufacturer specific AE Remote Control plugin. 
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