Hello Dave,

Thank you for contacting SOTI Inc. in regards to our handheld solutions.

In regards to your issue, you can extract the ICCID from Windows registry using a Data Collection Rule.


You start by entering into the legacy console from top left corner of the MobiControl and choose Rules tab


  • Go to Windows Mobile Platform > Data Collection > Create a new rule
  • Create Data Collection Rule > New > Custom Data Definition > Build > Registry


A new column for Custom Data Type: Registry will open where you may have to specify the registry hive where the information is located, specify the path and the value name (ICCID). Once the custom data has been configured, then you can go back to the main user interface of MobiControl and build a new "Column View" by searching for the properties that you may want to show up on the web console.


However, you can also configure the custom data at a device level by Selecting the device on MobiControl > Configurations > Advanced Configurations > Custom Data



The collected data can then be accessed for any particular device by selecting the 'Collected Data' tab.


Please let me know if it works.




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