In Android 10, allow installation from unknown sources.

In Android 10, allow installation from unknown sources.

There is an app whose developer not publish it on Google.

It updates itself with no big issues on Android below 9, having the "disable install from unknown sources"unmarked on feature control.

On Android 10, the permission of unknown source is set by app and not globally.

There is around 3000 devices in our MC and we have granted manually this permission. After the self installation the permission sets back to denied automatically.

We have sent some scripts to allow the unknown source installations to a app, but could not find one that properly set it on Android 10.

We have already used:

enable_system_app app_name
afw_set_permission_grant_state app_name android.permission.REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES allow
afw_set_permission_grant_state app_name android.permission.INSTALL_PACKAGES allow
afw_set_permission_grant_state app_name android.permission.RESTART_PACKAGES allow


Does anybody know any android.permission to enable Unknown source.

In Android 10 this configuration may be found on Special Permissions screen.

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Marcus Breitenthaler | posted this 09 February 2021

Hi,  should it be only allowed to Update this App only or generally all Apps ?

You can add to Your Profile in the Featur Control -> Securety -> "Allow Installation from Unknown Sources" to allow to Install an APK file, depends on your MobiControl Version...

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Joao Nelson Cavezale de la Torre | posted this 09 February 2021

The MobiControl is release

In this release there is no feature key in security as  "Allow Instalation from Unknown Sources". Instead there is in data protection "Disable Installation from Unknown Sources" which I set unmarked.


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