iOS device migration using iTunes

iOS device migration using iTunes

I got the question from my customer as for the migration of iOS devices.

Can you please the migration I write below can work?


The customer's demand

Replace the old iOS devices (iPhone8, Apple Device Enrollment Program; DEP) at the end user to the new iOS devices (iPhone8, Apple Business Manager; ABM)


The assuming steps by the customer

  1. Upgrade DEP to ABM at the end user.
  2. Backup old iOS devices by iTunes.
  3. Enroll new iOS devices in ABM.
  4. Restore the backup to the new iOS devices.


Suspicious issues

. Do the differences of serial numbers between old devices and the new devices affect the migration?

. Does the backup by iTunes cover all required contents?

2 Answers

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Adil Katchi | posted this 11 July 2019

Hi Atsushi,


I assume the customer is talking about migration from DEP to Apple Business Manager.  In this case, there is no backup, restore, or re-enrollment required.  The device enrollment migration is completely seamless.  There is some migration required for VPP license assignment.  For more info, please see my article:




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Atsushi Matsuura | posted this 11 July 2019

Hi, Adil-san,


Thank you for your answer.

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