There may be several approaches to partially solve your problem:


1. If you want to centralize the new password management process so that the helpdesk staff can just initiate a password reset (and maybe the device end-user receiving the new password via e-mail automatically), then your company need to develop an app that talks to MobiControl via the open REST API's, and handles all the required  password management and UI for the helpdesk staff.


2. If the app is an in-house developed native enterprise app (i.e. not web-app), you can request the app developers to re-compile their code together with freely available Soti iOS SDK included.  The resulting .ipa app will then be able to have in-app remote control session.    If your app is a web-app, and you use Soti Surf or some customized version of open-source web-browser recompiled with Soti iOS SDK, maybe this approach also works.


In either cases, your mileage might vary depending on the mode (supervised or not, BYOD or not, etc.) and firmware version of your devices.