Is it possible to setup a fully offline instance of MobiControl on premise?

Is it possible to setup a fully offline instance of MobiControl on premise?

I have an environment that is completely locked down and any requests for public internet access are being denied? How can I improve the performance of MobiControl in a fully offline environment?

I'm available to perform registration successfully offline, but access to other SOTI services like the Remote Control skins repo and the central CA are resulting in a relatively hindered experience. Can you sideload the skins into the environment, bypassing the service? Can you get around the certificate related issues during enrollments and check ins at the device level (Android).

Another issue that I'm seeing is that the Enrollment rule creation fails to provide me with a local enrollment url. I would expect the enrollment ID to not be generated given it not having access to the central Enrollment service, but shouldn't a local enrollment url be generated?

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TJ Bukoski | posted this 22 September 2017

For offline skins you have to edit the Management Service config file to set the service as the skins provider (in stead of the online Skins services). The Skin files (images and skins.ini) will have to be uploaded to the database via the web console. Please call the support team to ask them how to accomplish this.


Check C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\SOTI\Skins for an example of these files if you are using the legacy remote control plugin application. If you have Pocket Controller (Android or Windows) these skin files should be there.


As for enrolling devices, you can skip the online Enrollment service by downloading the mcsetup.ini from the Add Device rule in your web console. Place the ini file into the root of your internal storage and the agent will grab your server connection info, the MC Root Cert and the Add Device rule's rule tag from the file. The device will then enroll without MobiControl needing to be online.

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Matt Dermody | posted this 22 September 2017

Thanks so much for the quick reply! I will give the Skins configuration a shot next week (after getting back from SYNC of course).

As far as the enrollment goes, I was attempting to leverage the MobiControl Stage agent that is pre-installed on the devices (Zebra Android) instead of having to sideload the INI file. The sideloading process does works but I wanted to eliminate having to cradle the devices or push the file to them via StageNow when I should be able to scan an enrollment barcode in MobiControl Stage. I ended up figuring out a url I could use that matches up with the enrollment rule by going through the Web based enrollment first but I'm still running into a lot of Cert issues. Granted, the devices are being successfully managed by SOTI, but the end user is often faced with these prompts:

Cert errors

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Soumya Khilar | posted this 25 September 2017

Yes, it’s possible to set up an offline MobiControl instance On-premise without any issues.

Please follow the below mentioned link regarding the detailed process of offline activation of MobiControl on a closed environment:

Please look for “Manually Registering MobiControl” section in the above guide.


Yes, you can sideload the Remote Skins bypassing the SOTI services.

Please find the below steps to sideload the Remote Control Skins bypassing the SOTI services:

1.      Firstly, modify the Soti.MobiControl.ManagementService.Host.Exe.config file to use Management Service will be the skin provider instead of Soti Service. This typically located in C:\Program Files\SOTI\MobiControl\ where MS server running. 

Find <> and add useManagementServicesAsSkinProvider="true"


<> <service webAppRelativePath="MobiControl" publicApiRelativePath="mobicontrol/publicApi/" enableWebApiDocumentation="true" applicationName="MobiControl" useManagementServicesAsSkinProvider="true"/> </>


Note: Restart the service which is requires after any modification on configuration files.

    2.  Enroll the device to MobiControl which is installed on an environment having public internet access

    3.  Then navigate to C:\Users\skhilar\AppData\Local\SOTI and copy the “Skins” folder

    4.  Then paste the “Skins” folder in the system which don’t have Public internet access

    5.  Enroll the device to MobiControl which is installed on an environment not having public internet access

    6   Then on MobiControl console, navigate to All platform tab->Servers tab->Global Settings->Site Name

    7.    Import the required Skin file from the Skin folder that you have pasted from a publicly available environment

    8   Click “OK”

     9   After that, you can use the Remote Control Skin feature


Please follow the below-mentioned steps after creating the “Add Device Rule” for Android+ devices to avoid any certificate and enrollment issues:

1.       Right-click on the device rule you have created

2.       Click on “Download device agent”

3.       Select the device manufacturer on the “Device Agent Installation Files” dialog box

4     Click on “Download INI file” and “Download APK file” button to download the INI file and the MobiControl agent apk file.

5.       Then upload the agent apk and INI file to the device and enroll the device bypassing the SOTI services

6.       The device will get enrolled successfully and check-in to the server



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