Is there a way to show location of all devices at once?

Is there a way to show location of all devices at once?

Is there a way to show on a map the location of all enrolled Android Plus devices at the same time? 


Of course I can see the location of any particular device but it would be great if I could see a pushpin on a map for all devices at once. This isn't for any sort of geofencing (in which case a device is inside or not) but to see the geographic distribution at a glance.





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christopheBERNARD | posted this 20 March 2020

Hello matt,

never try but if you can get the location of all device INSIDE the databse soti ..

Looks on your system if you have these information INSIDE the db soti 


you can export all these lat / long name of device to a other system and display a map




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Matt Rogers | posted this 23 March 2020

Thanks for your reply.

As a Cloud customer I don't have direct access to the DB so that won't be an option for me. I found a way to do this, its not elegant but it gave me the information I was seeking, your own mileage may vary.


I ran a device location report within the Mobicontrol console for the last complete period of location data collection as specified in my data collection rule. I collect data every 20 minutes so when I ran my report I was only concerned with the most recent location data so I set the report to grab only the last 30 minutes. I set CSV for the report output format.


(SOTI-- it would be great to be able ot specify a relative time instead of absolute time for reports-- instead of specifying a begin/end time/date value it would be beneficial to be able to set "Last Hour". "Last Day", etc)

Once I got the CSV I opened in Excel and deleted all columns except for device name, latitude, and longitude. I imported this new CSV into My Maps in Google Maps ( and now I have a visual representation of the geographic distribution of my enrolled devices:


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