Issues with scrolling after firmware update from 8.1 to 9 on Honeywell CK65s

Issues with scrolling after firmware update from 8.1 to 9 on Honeywell CK65s



We have upgraded a few of our CK65 devices to v.9 from v8.1. Afterwards we got a weird issue - it's no longer possible to scroll up/down on the AX website. I have tried with different browsers - same thing. So I guess it something between v9 and the AX IIS config. Any ideas?

Worst case, any input to how we downgrade the firmware back to 8.1?



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Bhav | posted this 08 December 2020


Can't say I've come across the scrolling error.


But for your worst case scenario where you would need to Downgrade.


I find via EZConfig is easiest method

  • Enable Provisioning mode via Honeywell settings
  • Find the power tools app
  • Launch EZconfig
  • top left hamburger menu
    •    hit 'Generator'
  • Open the DeviceConfig.xml
  • Navigate to System > Enable OS Downgrade with Enterprise Reset
    •    Set to 1 (from 0)
  • top right of screen Save then update configure
    •    i do this half a dozen times, just to make sure it saves
  • Put the OS zip file into the honeywell/autoinstall folder
  • Restart the device or use the AutoInstall app and use the packages upgrade option

This will downgrade the OS, but you will have to re-enroll the device to SOTI due to the enterprise reset.


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Thomas Boje | posted this 17 December 2020

Thanks you very much - really appreciated! :-) A minor workaround is also to change the screen font to small... But the real problem must be somewhere in AX.

I will try the downgrade method - thanks again.



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