Launch a website using kiosk mode

Launch a website using kiosk mode

Hi I have been trying to put up an item on the kiosk screen which will take to a webpage when clicked.

When the icon I clicked I want the user to be able to access the particular web page but when clicked on external links the user should be restricted from going there. 

I have input a web filter allow- block-*

I put up a https:// item on the kiosk, it takes me to wikipedia but it also takes me to other websites when clicked on the links, so I assume webfiles does not work on the https:// item.


I then tried using the browsers:// item (browsers:// when I click on the link nothing happens. Not sure I have to do enable chrome or something.


I would have used soti surf browser but I am unable to install it on this device.

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Raymond Chan | posted this 22 March 2019

What are your device brands and models?


What are the version and build numbers of your MobiControl server?  For some v13 builds and earlier versions, even if there is  "web-filtering" configuration payload supported for Android platform, web filtering only works with freely downloadable Secure Browser app from Webroot.  However, since late Q4 of 2018, Webroot antivirus license bundled with MobiControl is not continued any more, and I believe the web-filtering function will not work even if Webroot Secure Browser is used.


As of today, your best bet of having web-filtering function plus kiosk mode is to use Soti Surf.  Why couldn't you install Soti Surf on your device?  Is there compatibility problem or some other issue?


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Kavinda Senarath | posted this 22 March 2019

Hi Raymond thank you for the response. 

 the server is version:

When webfilter applied it works on the chrome browser, but issue is the tabs and menus cannot be hidden from chrome browser if put directly on the kiosk. thats why I was thinking of getting the webfilter and then use the browser:// item to point to the URL since the default web browser is chrome on the AE devices.


The issue with SOTI surf browser is that when I put the put apk into package>package upload to MC>package assinged through profile. And the profile assigned to the device it will show that profile and the soti surf package installed on the device but when you actually go into the device you cannot see the surf app. Also when you click on the device and goto application tab there is no bundle id/app on there. but under profiles it says installed.

Working with soti support but not getting to a resolution.

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