License information -> 1 day remaning ?

License information -> 1 day remaning ?


We have migrate our version of mobicontol to a new server with the a last version.

All works fine.


But now, on our old server when i go to license information in web console i see this information -> 1 day remaning.

we know that and it's ok we need to stop this old plateform.


My question is, do you know if tomorrow it will be possible to login logout to this server or not ?


Because, on this old server we have 42 old devices we don't want to migrate these old device because too old and no possible to find battery and so on ...

I need tomorrow to unactive some rules because the synchronization of the work is make by mobicontrol (mobicontrol take the file each hours).


We have plan to change these old device by new but ALL will be ready TOMORROW ....


thanks for all

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Raymond Chan | posted this 15 February 2021


If you have a new reg code for the new server instance, and the reg code for the old server instance is going to expiring within a day, then I guess Soti should be able to do something in the back-end to allow you to use the old reg code for one more day or so.


However, if you are using the same reg-code on both instances, then  your old server should have been made inactive after you have your new server activated with the reg-code.  However, it might be a little bit different since last year when there seemed to have a new and more automated activation mechanism with smarter communication between MobiControl server and Soti license server.   It might be due to this new mechanism that your old server can still run for at most 1 more day. 


 I am not from Soti, and the above are my wild guesses on various possibilities.  Hence,  I suggest you to immediately open an official support ticket with Soti support team at, hopefully  to have your case properly handled before you leave your office today.


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christopheBERNARD | posted this 16 February 2021


before post this question here; i've send also a mail to support@soti 

they reply me in the end and all is ok now ! 





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