lockdown => configuration / restriction / lockDown / hide adress bar of browser

lockdown => configuration / restriction / lockDown / hide adress bar of browser

Hello all,

we have an app android who is installed by soti.

our configuration about mdm is :

- mobicontrol version :

- mobicontrol client : 13.3.2 build 1014


On our all devices we have a lockdown (html page) with some image as button.

Some button launch app and on a button launch a browser (chrome / internet explorer) with an internal url.


for to open our intranet we use this command =>  browsers://url

But we'd like to hide the address bar ...is there a way to do that ? with the lock down ?


thanks for all

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christopheBERNARD | posted this 11 July 2018

Hello raymond :) 

your're help me everytime :) 


In fact, i have include some javascript into the lockdown page and add an onclick method for to open the intranet web page.

with the window.open i can hide the address bar ..


Yes soti surf can be intersting for us, but i think i think it s seems hard to be install and perhpas more complicated for us.

but i'm looking for at the moment...


My goal was to hide the address bar because a user can browse to other 3w or type some bad url as : chrome://tags ..


thanks i close this topic thanks for your help againnnnn :) 


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Raymond Chan | posted this 11 July 2018

Simply use 


instead.  This will use the built-in web-page rendering engine, which should be a Webkit based engine on most Android devices.  If the web page involves javascript and other advanced feature(s), there can be loophole for a device end-user to input any desired URL even if the default address bar is not there.  So, this approach is not completely secure unless you are absolutely sure the target URL does not create any loophole.


Hence, using Soti Surf secure browser in kiosk mode will be much more secure, but there are more things to configure.




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