Missing iPhone direct transfer (migration) option, is it due to DEP?

Missing iPhone direct transfer (migration) option, is it due to DEP?


Not sure if anyone running into the same thing. All of our iPhones have DEP enabled. According to Apple, with iOS 13+, during the initial start up, after scanning the "animation", the next page should be the "direct transfer" (https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT210216). However, I have replaced 2 new iPhones but could not get this to come up, no matter what I tried. Google searches didn't give me any luck. I wonder if it is because of the DEP, just like Samsung Knox that prevents the convenient Smart Switch app?


Any inputs are greatly appreciated.


Thank you much!

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JVMOD@SOTI | posted this 26 August 2020

Hello Mtran,


Thank you for your post, did you try contacting Apple to explain your use-case?

In the settings tab, on the top, do you see the device as Supervised?



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mtran | posted this 27 August 2020

Hi Thank you for responding. I have not yet contacted Apple but have looked on their Forums. Just thought if anyone else out there might be experiencing the same issue, but it seems like it is not a common issue.


And yes, the device is supervised.


Will try to contact Apple. Thank you!

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