Mobicontrol admin : strange behavior ...

Mobicontrol admin : strange behavior ...

Hello all,

we work with mobicontrol in version v13.3.0.3454.

We have a lot of device zebra tc75x under android 6 and 7 (+- 700 devices).

Server -> window server 2012 R2 -> has 14 gigas of ram / 64 bit OS / 2 processor


Since several days; i've noticed since each time i assign a profile to the device , the profile isn't assign !

I try to assign again, or right select retry profile installation , or reboot device ...and often the profile is installed BUT after several try ...


I work here since two years without problem about assign profile in first try.


Anyone has an idea about this situation or suggestion some check or ?

Because, it's very strange and very stress when we plan a assign profile automatically during the night ...


Here is it a copy of a screen shot and of course the assign button has been clicked several time and devices reboot also.




Thanks for your help guys


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Matt Dermody | posted this 10 October 2019

When was the last time the services were restarted? You may want to reboot the server if you’re seeing strange behavior like that.

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Raymond Chan | posted this 10 October 2019

Have you upgraded your MobiControl server, device agent or device firmware recently?


Have you checked the DS and DSE log file for any warning/error messages related to scheduled or manually initiated profile deployment.  You might need to change the log levels to verbose to get more information.


How many profiles are targeted to your problematic device?  Do all or just one profile fail to be deployed?  Is the failing pattern exactly the same for your 700+ devices of the same model/firmware-version?


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Wayne Wang | posted this 13 October 2019

Check if there are any rules within filter criteria when you assigning the profiles.

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