Mobicontrol Change User Mode

Mobicontrol Change User Mode


is there any way to change the user mode when I am in Mobicontrol App (Deviceconfiguration) or to switch into the lockscreen via remote?

Device: Zebra TC51 Android+ (Android 7.1.1)


We have sometimes the problem that the device starts up and doesn't switch into Lockscreen but changes the user mode to "User".

So i didn't found a way to get to the lockscreen. The device is visible in Mobicontrol and can be remote controlled.


The only solution for now is to factory reset the device and stage it again but this takes relative long time and i am looking for a smarter solution if possible.

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Matt Dermody | posted this 23 July 2019

Factory Reset is definitely overkill.


If you are in Remote Control you can open the MobiControl Agent and press Page Down (or maybe its Page Up? one of the two) in Remote Control to bring up the prompt to activate User Mode. 


You can do the same to access Admin mode when in user mode. You can also long press on the back button while the agent is up in order to do the same.

Alternatively you can use scripting:


Admin Off/ Lockdown On

_Adminmode off
notify kiosk on



Admin On/ Lockdown Off

_Adminmode on
notify kiosk off

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Rafael | posted this 23 July 2019

That works fine. 


I thought that i tried this exactly as you described -.-


I will recheck this when the problem occurs again. Thanks a lot.

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