Mobicontrol upgrading from to

Mobicontrol upgrading from to

After the upgrading, on a new enrollment, we have the following warning : Invalid device software version, Device is not allowed to upgrade.

The FileSync doesnt start.

Since we have a hundred of devices (windows mobile devices MC55, MC67), we would like to make a change in the database in order to tell the MobiControl server to accept the agent version which is actually on the devices.

It would be a burden to change manually the agent version on the devices.

We are using MobiControl Staging embedded on the devices : one barcode read and everything is deployed on the PDA via FileSync.

More is done via a script in this MobiControl staging sequence so we can't enroll, upgrade the agent via the console then FileSync.

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Support Staff | posted this 25 September 2018

Hello Lionel, 


We can definitely accommodate your request  to modify the compatibility to recognize the agent that is already on the devices as being the most compatible agent. 


In order for us to do this you would need a support case and a Technical Support Engineer to make this modification for you, that way you are not violating any T&C's with regards to your MobiControl DB.  


You can create a case by emailing or clicking here


Hope this helps!




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Lionel, RAULT | posted this 28 September 2018


I've created a case.

I was told to upgrade the agents manually !!!.

I've asked for what you suggested (how to modify the compatibility...) on Wednesday

Since then, i havent received any answer.

Could you tell your collegues what to do and answer me.

Since two weeks, my Customer hasnt been able to use his devices returning from repair.



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