Not able to install VPP apps on iOS

Not able to install VPP apps on iOS


We are publishing some apps via Application Catalog Rule to our iOS devices.

Unfortunately, none of our VPP apps can be installed on the device (Enterprise Apps or apps without VPP are no problem).

When clicking "Install" in the AppCatalog Webclip, it says "Application could not be installed at this time.  Please contact your Administrator".

We refreshed the VPP token multiple times now. The installation doesn't work for all our VPP apps.

The server logs are not showing any related error messages.

Can anybody help?

(We are running MobiControl 14.5.3)

Thank you!

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Simon Breuer | posted this 09 October 2020

We could resolve the problem.

We saw, that in dbo.Settings there was a timestamp set for IosVppServiceUnavailableRetryAfter.

We changed the value to a date in the past. After that, the apps installed properly on the devices.

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Adil Katchi | posted this 09 October 2020

I'm glad you were able to resolve the issue. 

Apple throttles the Apple VPP services if a MobiControl instance is too chatty with Apple VPP services.  Normally, you'll see this reason when trying to Refresh the VPP token or in the Device Logs for a device that tried to install an app. 

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