OOC Policy -> is there a trace / log ?

OOC Policy -> is there a trace / log ?

Hello all,


we used the device Zebra TC75X under android 6.0 (android+).

the mobicontrol client is on version: 13.6.1476

the mobicontrol server is on version : 13.3.3454


we have about more than 700 devices who is configured with network type -> WIFI and GPRS.

For some reason some devices CAN BE OFFLINE since several hours .

Of course, if these devices aren't connected the datas has not sync with our systems ..

It's not many perhpas 10 or 20 devices a day.

Also it's not the same devices every day.

I've notice it's only when device pass to wifi to GPRS.


On all these device, we have some profiles who is apply and also out of contact policy.

The configuration of OOC is :

device has not connected for 30 min repeat action event subsequent 30 minutes

Action : activate connection


But devices can continue to be offline sometimes for more than 8 hours.

the device re - connect when drivers returns to the office -> network connection pass to GPRS to wifi.


I must to find a solution for to solve this problem.

I would like to know if it's possible to know if OOC has RUN because i can't see anything in the log of the device ?


Also , any idea are welcome for to find a solution :)

Thanks for your time

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Raymond Chan | posted this 27 March 2019

You can add a  line such as

   log -i  "OOC: abc xyz ........"


in your OOC script to get log entry recorded every time it is run.


If any device continues to be in off-line state for more than 8 hours based on information from your server,  is it possible that the device is actually powered off  or the device is connected to a closed Wifi network that doesn't allow access to your server?   Have you used any MobiControl data-collection rule to collect information such as battery level , Wifi SSID, cellular operator, etc. to debug your problem?


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christopheBERNARD | posted this 29 March 2019

Hello Raymond,


yes it's possible that a driver is very hurry after his hard day and forget to put the device into the charging cradle and the battery of the device is dead ..

But normally there is someone who check that all device is on the cradle after the work.


I will try data collection and see if I can find a solution with this.

I  will update this topic with my investigation ...


thanks a lot

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