Opening URL in SOTI Surf using a NFC tag

Opening URL in SOTI Surf using a NFC tag

The usecase: A customer of ours uses truckscales/weighbridges. The weight is being shown on a specific URL, one for each scale/bridge. Truck drivers are using Zebra TC57 devices under our control, using a lockdown and SOTI Surf installed. This customer does not want their truck drivers to freely use a browser. They also don't want 135 different accessible URL's on some kind of landing page, truck drivers could choose the wrong truckscale and report the wrong weight. Ideally they want their truck driver to scan a NFC tag on a truckscale which leads them to that one specific page, in SOTI Surf (not Chrome).

This should be possible by using an intent and encoding that into the NFC tags, right? Basically telling the Zebra TC57 to open SOTI Surf and to surf towards a specific url. Browsing through these forums, I found two possibilities but neither seems to work:


Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

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DDMOD@SOTI | posted this 29 July 2020

Hi Theun,


Thanks for the interesting post!

This would require testing and troubleshooting or Feature Request to land on the desired result. Can you please raise a support case(click here) or call SOTI Support team(click here) to assist you better?



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Theun | posted this 30 July 2020

I will, thanks!

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