Package studio -> how to copy a apk file to a folder on android ?

Package studio -> how to copy a apk file to a folder on android ?

Hello all,

I work with mobicontrol on version v13.3.3454 and i have just one device Zebra TC75X under android -> 7.

Enrolled by android+

On this device when I install a app, the app ask me the to accept permission.


For to avoid this, with zebra StageNow, i have made a xml file for to install this app in mode silent -> permission are not demand to the user. That's work fine.


But my problem is, I have create a package studio, right click add a file (appName.apk) and for the destination file /sdcard/AppToInstall

the folder AppToInstall is create by a pre install script -> work every time


My problem is, the profile is always well installed but the apk it's never INSIDE in the folder AppToInstall !!!

I've try to change the destination path with add / or delete / before sdcard ...but nothing work..


Also, I have open again the package studio an replace the apk file by a file txt file, replace the package inside the profile -> assign profile -> result the file is well inside the folder AppToInstall :)


Someone can tell me, how i can copy an apk to a folder inside the folder structure ?

That's enough strange ..


thanks for your time

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Matt Dermody | posted this 27 November 2019

SOTI might still be trying to install the APK even though you have selected the option to add a file to a Package. You can maybe see if the file is marked for auto-execute in Package Builder and disable that option. If that doesn't work then maybe you could rename the .apk to something like a .tmp and then use your post-instal script to first rename the file back to .apk before calling mxconfig. 

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christopheBERNARD | posted this 28 November 2019

Hello super matt :)


thanks a lot, exactly I think soti try to install the apk.


Well, yes good idea to rename the apk to a tmp file add them into the package builder and a post action script rename all.

Work nice.


A last question, I have 6 apps to install in android 7.

Do you think I can made a xml file with stagenow for to install in silent mode these 6 application in ONE TIME ?

Or it's better to create 6 xml and of course 6 rules.


Actually, I made a procedure for to upgrade to android 7 all our devices -> 600 devies and of course I try to automate the task at the max.


thanks a lot

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christopheBERNARD | posted this 29 November 2019

just for information sorry if I boring you :)


I've try to install 6 apps with stagenow -> appMgr x 6 in same file ..

That's work fine


great tool stagenow

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Matt Dermody | posted this 29 November 2019

While possible, I would never combine multiple APK installs into a single package. You leave yourself with limited flexibility with updates to those apps in the future. If you need to update one of the APKs housed inside of that package in the future then ALL of the apps will get downloaded and re-installed on every device. You are much better off having the apps in individual packages. 

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