Panasonic FZ B2 -> Device connect - device disconnect ?

Panasonic FZ B2 -> Device connect - device disconnect ?

Hello all,

We work with mobicontrol in version v13.3.0.3454

we have some tablet Panasonic FZ B2 on android 4.4 who works since many years.


Since several days and i don't know why we have all device connected on wifi xxxx who connect and disconnect after some second ..

each time..

Looks at the picture.


The client mobicontrol on these device is  -> v13.3.3.1010 for some and for some other is

but all tablet Panasonic have this problem ...


Anyone has idea about how i can advance in this problem ?


I have restart the device but nothing change and also create a version 2 of the wifi profile and assign them but nothing change.

The people who works with these device tell me that the device has never change of location ...


thanks in advance


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John Doe | posted this 27 January 2020

Maybe the devices run out of memory and dalvik is closing mobicontrol app to free up memory for android to run?

Just a thought, since you are running android 4.0 still.

Kind Regards John

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christopheBERNARD | posted this 27 January 2020



I've check and change some settings:

- wifi never sleep

- time out to screen sleep -> set to max 30 min

- signal wifi strengh -> good 

- out of Contact -> before 30 min now it's 15 min


it's little better and none of users ring this monday morning :)


thanks for your reply I close this topic if ..the problem still rest perhpas we will need to change the device


thanks john

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JVMOD@SOTI | posted this 27 January 2020

Hello christopheBERNARD,

Please try pushing profile to disable the doze mode as shown in the picture

Kind Regards,


Technical Support | SOTI Inc. |1.905.624.9828 | | |

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