I am not from Soti,  and the following is my personal view


You essentially want to use Soti MobiControl for full multi-tenant use-cases.   I don't think this is 100% possible at the moment, despite various improvements made in response to my multiple feature requests in the past few years.   


While device group hierarchy except the root device groups, profiles, rules, custom attributes, custom data, ..., etc have ownership/permission control to support basic multi-tenant implementation,  many other resources (e.g. .pcg packages, scripts, kiosk menu resources, geofences, email profiles, ..., etc.)  are still shared among all users/administrators on the same server.  Many configurations in the Servers tab do not support  multiple segmented instances.  E.g. for Apple and Windows platforms, there can only be one DEP  and WNS binding for a MobiControl server such that supporting multi-tenants for Apple/Microsoft platforms is virtuallly impossible.