Privacy byod windows 10

Privacy byod windows 10


We are interested to enroll Windows 10 devices to make troubleshooting & installation somewhat easier.
However everyone has their own laptop and we don't want to intrude on their privacy.

Is there a way to only allow remote control when they allow it? (Like pressing a YES/Allow button)


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Raymond Chan | posted this 24 August 2021

Support for BYOD use case and allowing remote control only when device end-user allow it are two different issues.


Many MDM products have supported "application-level" BYOD use case for over ten years on different device platforms (Android, Apple, etc), but I have never recommended such BYOD solution to my customers because of the achievable security and dependencies on partiular vendor.  In the last couple of years,  Google and Apple respectiviely introduced support for "system-level" BYOD use-case for Android-Enterprise and Apple device platforms.  These are the recommended BYOD solution to consider.  However, I am not aware of any similar support for Windows 10 device platform by Microsoft.


Regarding remote-control for MobiControl,  it has always been possible to allow MobiControl remote-control session only when the targeted device end-user allow it for various device platforms (However, I haven't tried out  the latest implementation on Windows 10 for many months).   Just make sure the "Control Without Notification" per-device-group permission (i.e. the second last item in the rightmost column in the following screenshot) of a MobiControl administrator has been disabled via the Web Console.


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JCMOD@SOTI | posted this 23 August 2021

Hi Wesley,


Thank you for posting in SOTI Centraal.


Our implementation of Windows Modern with MobiControl extends powerful functionality. It's not specifically meant for BYOD and as a result, I suggest reapproaching your use case regarding Remote Controlling personal devices.


On top of the above, you're welcome to raise a Feature Request via / Then ensure to include the following:


1. What is the business problem – use real-life scenario(s) to describe the problem/pain points.
2. Number of users impacted by this problem and how often.
3. What is being done to work around this problem.
4. What is the proposed solution.


If you have any questions or need clarification, feel free to reach out.



Technical Support | SOTI Inc. |1.905.624.9828 | | |

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