Problems if Chrome in blacklist Android 8.1

Problems if Chrome in blacklist Android 8.1


I would like to know if you have experienced an issue I'm having when Chrome is in a black list of apps, in Android 8.1 devices (Android Enterprise managed device)

I have a lockdown profile working as expected. But when I configure a profile with an app run control black list that includes Chrome browser, the device screen turns white and the icons are not shown. If I remove the app run control, the lockdown is shown normally.

It seems like you may not have Chrome ( in a black list in Android 8.1 when using lockdown.

Mobicontrol 14.3

AE Agent

I appreciate your comments


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Matt Dermody | posted this 24 June 2020

There are definitely complications in Blacklisting the Chrome application in Android 8.1. The SOTI Lockdown utilizes the System WebView to render the HTML lockdown template. In newer Android versions the System WebView implementation is Chrome, so by blacklisting it you're also blacklisting the rendering engine for the lockdown itself. When Chrome is blacklisted the default System WebView takes over so the lockdown can still run, but via the System WebView. The challenge is then if you enter Admin mode on the device the Blacklist will be temporarily disable which will in effect re-enable Chrome and then change the System WebView to Chrome. This can in turn cause the agent and lockdown to refresh itself which then re-enables the blacklist, thereby disabling Chrome again! Basically you can end up in a trap where you can't exit the lockdown for any longer than a few seconds. 

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GPMOD@SOTI | posted this 17 April 2019

Hello Edgar,

It should be technically possible to blacklist any app and also configure the lockdown mode on device. However, if you wish to not have the Chrome browser in lockdown, do not add it in lockdown configuration.

However, for any reason if it is mandatory to blacklist the Chrome app, please contact Support team and someone will assist you further as we might have to take a look at the the logs.

Thank you,

SOTI Technical Support | SOTI Inc. | 1.905.624.9828 |

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