Profile with two apk => just one is installed !

Profile with two apk => just one is installed !

Hello all,

I have a tablet Panasonic FZ B2 under android 6.0

On this tablet , i have a mobicontrol client on version 1330 1110 since several month.

All works fine but we need to update the tablet with some news feature and restriction.


we 'd like to update this tablet with soti surf and new version of client mobicontrol.

For this, i have create a profile and on this profile i have put inside two packages (package studio)

- first position : client mobicontrol on last version

- second position :  soti surf => download from the site (


result is client is well installed and connected but ...soti surf isn't installed ...and no information about what's happen's ...

no error, profile is on status installed.


If i change on profile the order of installed package :

- soti surf

- mobicontrol client

Result is the same ...soti surf not installed


Of course, if i installd all apk manually all works


Any idea ?


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Raymond Chan | posted this 04 December 2018

Do NOT use .pcg package  to deploy Android+ MobiControl device agent with profile.  Use the "upgrade agent" action item instead.


See if you encounter similar problem if your profile deploys Soti-Surf .pcg package and a second .pcg package other than MobiControl device agent.


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christopheBERNARD | posted this 05 December 2018

Hi raymond, 

Ok i thought that the right way to deplay all type of package ...

I test and i come in a few hours :)



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