Remote Control Timeout

Remote Control Timeout

Is there a server side configurable value that controls the timeout of the Remote Control session?


Web Socket Closed Normally

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SOTI Support 4 | posted this 17 November 2017

Hello Matt,

Please contact SOTI Support or log a case online so that we could work with you on resolving your timeout issues.


Kind Regards,

SOTI Support

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Matt Dermody | posted this 17 November 2017

Is this not a proper question for a discussion forum? This forum is not going to be useful to anyone if we just get redirected to opening a ticket. 

If I was experiencing an issue or bug with the product then I think a support ticket would be warranted. In this case i'm looking to see if there is any exposed configuration for expanding the Remote Control timeout. It is not timing out unexpectedly, I'm just hoping to expand the inactivity timeout if possible. 

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