Removing updates from Chrome Browser

Removing updates from Chrome Browser


MobiControl server - 14.4.9 

Agents - various compatible

Devices XCover 4 and XCover 4S


In order to diagnose a problem I need to uninstall Chrome updates but I'm getting "The app is required by your device administrator and cannot be uninstalled"

This is regardless whether I have Chrome in the Play Store as a Managed App or not.

Any and all suggestions welcome.

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Matt Dermody | posted this 17 November 2020

Uncontrolled updates of Google Play have the potential of being a very real problem in mission critical Managed device environments where you have LoB applications that might have a WebView dependence. We have started running into this more and more where an enterprise application that runs within the context of an WebView becomes unstable or even unusable as the result of an unexpected Google Play pushed update to Chrome, and therefore the underlying WebView implementation. We have also noticed that this happens even when the app isnt explicitly approved in Managed Play as it is seemingly a pre-approved system application. 


The only thing we've managed to do to help in these situations, outside of completely disabling Google Play on the devices, is to add the Managed Google Play policy in SOTI that sets all application updates to Never Update. This has effectively stopped the automatic Chrome updates on the devices but be aware that this will affect ALL Play Store updates and is not something we can control specific to one application. This also will just lock in whatever version is currently deployed on the devices, it won't necessarily give you any control over deploying a specific version. 


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Tuck | posted this 20 November 2020

Hi Matt,

When I disabled the auto-update for the Managed Google Play and opened Chrome, it will still show there's an Update available and lets the user update Chrome manually.

MobiControl server -

Is there a way of disabling the manual update too ?

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JCMOD@SOTI | posted this 20 November 2020

Hi Tuck,


The way this profile configuration works is by telling Google to not allow the updates on their backend through the Google Play Store. Sometimes there might be discrepancies with this process. Therefore I suggest you firstly split this profile configuration into its own profile, and also double check there is no duplicate "Managed Google Play" configurations. Then revoke and re-install the profile and perform a check-in. Then observe the behavior.



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