Requested function for timed profiles

Requested function for timed profiles

is it possible to create a profile with black- and whitelists for devices with android + that you can activate to a specific time? Since we use MobiControl in schools it would be advantageous to activate those profiles for certain lessons. A function like that is already available for the application of rules but not for profiles

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Simon Breuer | posted this 02 October 2017

Hi Tim, maybe the integration of Custom Data can help in your scenario: 

Create as many black- and whitelist profiles as you need (i.e. profile_english, profile_geography, profile_arts). 

Create the same number of XML-files (name all of them i.e. "lesson.xml") and save them on a network share. 

They should contain the following: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><lesson>english</lesson> (Replace "english" by the other lesson names in the other files) 

The adequate file can be copied to the device by file sync rule (via schedule or manually) and should replace the previous one. 

Before using Custom Data filter enable Custom Data configuration for your devices (Advanced Settings > Custom Data). 

In your black- or whitelist profile under "Save and Assign > Filter Criteria" you add a Custom Data filter (i.e. lesson=english). 

So before each lesson the file sync rule should be run to copy the right XML file. The correct profile will then apply to the devices. 

Do not forget to perform a "disconnect" and "connect -f" after replacing the XML. The Custom Data will only update after reconnection (or restart) of the device. The reconnect can be run as script in the file sync rule.

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Tim Klamandt | posted this 02 October 2017

Hi Simon,

thanks for the reply i will try it out. 

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