Screen Timeout

Screen Timeout

We have a bunch of Android tablets that are at 10 minutes for screen timeout.  The max the OS allows is 30 minutes.  I recently came across Android Settings Manager and have pushed it to a test device I have.  We are using a lockdown screen and I would like to avoid any user interaction if possible.  Is there a way for me to push Settings Manager with Never for screen timeout where the users don't have to change it?  I'm hoping to push the app and not show it on the lockdown screen.  If not, is there any script I may be able to run to change my screen timeout from 10 to 30 minutes?   I was given this...  Writesecuresetting –sys screen_off_timeout 1800000  (did not work) - Android 6.0.1

Thank you

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Karim A. | posted this 15 December 2017

Hi Ryan, 


That script is not compatible on all devices.


  • What's the manufacturer of these tablets? 
  • Which version of MobiControl are you running?


You can still use Settings Manager and only have the screen time-out portion of settings manager active, other items will not be available.  



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Ryan Dragon | posted this 18 December 2017

The tablets are Data Limited - DLI-10 tablets.  I'm using 13.4.

The problem I have is we are fighting with wireless issues with the Android OS.  The manufacturer is looking into this issue, but every time a unit goes to sleep (after 10 or 30 min), the wireless comes back 75% of the time when they awake.  For the 25%, They usually have to reboot or wait up to 5 minutes until wireless kicks back on.  

Hoping to somehow verify we are at 30 minutes by forcing display timeout (noticed some at 10 min).  Also hoping I can force never if I push this app out.  I'm assuming over 50% of users won't do anything (approx 200 now) if it's left up to them.

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Karim A. | posted this 20 December 2017

This is most likely related to the tablets. 


We won't be able to exceed the OS's max screen time-out. I would wait to hear back from Data Limited. 


Alternatively, you can log a case to further investigate when the failure occurs. 

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Dean P | posted this 21 December 2017

One idea that might help... on your kiosk if you have an icon to launch your app (App A), replace it with App B.

App B could be an empty Xamarin.Android app, this app will check the WiFi, reset it and then launch App A.  

In the Xamarin app you create you could do something like this:

Turn WiFi on:


WifiManager wifi = (WifiManager)GetSystemService(Context.WifiService);



Then launch your app:

Intent launchIntent = PackageManager.GetLaunchIntentForPackage("com.Ryans.App");



An app with no UI would launch and process that command quickly so users might not notice any delay. By doing the above whenever someone launches the app via the kiosk the WiFi will always be set to enabled.

Check out Xamarin at

We use something similar for one of our apps for another purpose. 

You might need to experiment some more. There are other things like:

wifi.StartScan(); which might be all you need to "coax" the device into regaining connectivity.

This is all obviously a little bit of an awkward workaround, but a potential back up plan whilst you wait for the manufacturer. SOTI Support might also have better ideas too.


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