Script command to wake Samsung tablet

Script command to wake Samsung tablet

I’m trying to remotely wake up Android Tablets. The situation is that I have a number of Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) tablets that are configured with a lockdown for customers to use.
We have been getting complaints that staff are getting tired of having to wake the tablets up every morning. The tablets are in enclosures that and they can’t reach the buttons to wake it up.
The tablets are on Android 8.1
SOTI we are using is 14.4
We have disabled the daze mode and set the screen time out to 5 or 6 hours. Our initial tablets that never turned off had to be replaced due to burn in so leaving them lit up overnight isn’t going to work out that well
I’ve tried sending scripts like unlock and they don’t seem to do anything no error nothing. However, if I send reset /s as a script command it reboots, if I send lock it locks so it is executing some scripts.
The tablets being what they are don’t have the double tab to wake option.
When I remote to them and used the home button they wake up fine so the connection is fine.
Ultimately I was hoping to use the task schedule to send the script but if I can’t get it to work as a one off it seems unlikely it will work with the schedule.
Anyone run into something like this or have any suggestions?

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Raymond Chan | posted this 15 July 2020

What did the staff do to wake the device up every morning? Was the lockscreen password enabled?

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Scott Addie | posted this 15 July 2020

A good question, sorry should have mentioned. 

These were new installs. Previous sites have had cut outs in the enclosure that allowed access to the home button (from the enclosure manufacturer). These ones do not and we don't have the option to replace them with ones with cut outs right now.

Lock screen is set to none with no password. We basically use them like a kiosk. We still have the soti admin password on them but as long as the tablet has its screen on it is ready for use. 

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Raymond Chan | posted this 16 July 2020

So, they used to press the home button to wake the device up from the screen saver active mode.  

As your device is in a kiosk enclousure, I believe it is always being charged/powered via the USB/Type-C cable hidden inside.  I think what you need is to disable the screen saver and keep the device out of any sleep mode.


On some Samsung devices installed with the more recent MobiControl device agent, you could try sending the following script commands :


  writesecureprofstring DeviceFeature StayAwakeWhileCharging 1 

  writesecureprofstring DeviceFeature DisableScreenTimeout 1

  apply featurecontrol


Good luck!

Don't forget to tell us the results, and make my post the solution if the the script works.

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