Script to log-out and clear passcode on shared device

Script to log-out and clear passcode on shared device

Hey Guys,


we're looking for an Script command to log-off from a shared Device and also clear the passcode.

We have a few Devices with an activated shared-Device Option. After the Users logs in, the Device is moved to an other Group and the User has to set up a passcode. Now we want to display a "logoff-Script" inside our Kiosk-mode where the user can log-off from the shared Device and also clear the passcode


any suggestions?


kind regards

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Rafael | posted this 28 September 2020

A bit strange and jut an idea but you could do it like that:

Relocation (untested):

  • Make an app, generating a flag file (e.g.: logstatus.ini) when Login/off action is done
    • it should have a section named e.g. "LogStatus"
    • with Key e.g. "Status"
    • and value e.g. "On" or "Off"
  • This should be read by Soti into Custom Data
  • add a relocation rule in base of this custom data field (you need 2)

Reset passcode (2 possibilitys, untested):

  • 1.
    • create a file sync rule, sync a "dummy" file (transmit everytime) and execute script before or after sync
    • script to reset passcode (see Mobicontrol Scripting)
  • 2.
    • Create a Profile which only includes the script to reset passcode
    • Assignthis Profile to the Folder where the logged off devices will be

Just take a think about that.

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Daniel | posted this 05 October 2020

Hi Rafael,


The problem is not how to execute the script but the Script command to reset passcode and logoff the shared-user.


The Soti Script Command Set has no logoff and reset passcode command listet. Its about these two "right-Click" Device-Options options:

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