SOTI agent, stuck at splash screen when screen is locked

SOTI agent, stuck at splash screen when screen is locked


We have started seeing a weird behavior on some of our XCover 4s devices. When we do a restartagent or for example an upgrade of the agent when the screen is locked, the agent is stuck on splash screen and won't start until we unlock the screen.

Have anyone else seen this problem?

I have tried to disable Doze Mode, upgrade to the latest agent. eg.

Android+ devices (DA)

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DDMOD@SOTI | posted this 31 March 2020

Hi Johan,


Thanks for posting your concern!


Since when are you experiencing this behavior on Android devices? Was there any update on the device or MobiControl?

Can you please share the current version of MobiControl and the agent version you were trying to upgrade from?

Is this issue happening only on XCover 4s devices?



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Johan W | posted this 19 April 2020

It seems it is somewhat connected to the Doze Mode but also might be some bug in the old version of the agent running on the devices 14.0 Samsung ELM.

It happens from time to time, as soon as you wake the device or unlock, the splash screen is shown and then the lockdown is loading and device gets online. But while the screen is locked, the agent won't start.

I will see if I can log a case on this one and get some ADB logs from the device.

We have actually seen it on regular XCover 4 devices as well running on 14.1.7 agent.

What's more weird is that the agent seems to be able to receive script commands from the Platform even if it is not completely started, sometimes it actually helps with sending the unlock script through the Platform.

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JVMOD@SOTI | posted this 20 April 2020

Hello Johan W,


Thank you for your response, please reach out to Technical Support team by creating a case or dial +1-905-624-9828.

Please click here to log a case online.


Note - please find contact numbers here with respect to specific region as above mention number is only for Canada.


Kind Regards,

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