SOTI Kiosk Mode Turns Screen All White

SOTI Kiosk Mode Turns Screen All White

With our TC70x and TC72 devices, after some seemingly random amount of time ranging from a few hours to overnight, if the devices are not used then they will go white as pictured below. Tapping on the screen does nothing but if I click the Square button I get the Administrator and Refresh Buttons. If I click the Administrator button and type in the admin password, then I can access the device like normal, everything is fine. If I then switch the device back into User mode then the white screen comes back. So it is the kiosk mode itself but I am not sure how to prevent this. 

Devices: TC70x and TC72

OS: Android 8.1.0

MobiControl: 13.7.5 Build 1013

Patching: Does this on a device with no LG patches and one with most recent


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JVMOD@SOTI | posted this 28 February 2020

Hello Kyle Mullins,


Thank you for your post, please upgrade your MobiControl agent on the device

Let me know if this works for you


Kind Regards,


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Daniel | posted this 20 April 2021

We're facing the same issue!

We have two Devicetypes in our Environment. Zebra TC20 with Android 7 (BSP 04.14.30 Lifeguard 13) and Zebra TC21 with Android 10 (BSP 10.16.10 Lifeguard 44)
On the TC20 everything works fine, but on the TC21 we have the same "white screen" issue from time to time.

Sometimes a "restartagent" or 1-2 Reboots will fix the Problem. Anyway, I also updated to the latest OS and Agent ( but still the same.

It's a bit confusing that this error only occurs on Android Versions higher than 7 (in our Environment)


Is there anything we can do, or is this issue already reported? Im on the newest OS and Agent so far, so there is no Chance to Update anything on the Device. Our Server runs on Version 15.2.6


Thank you!

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