SOTI surf browser app permission

SOTI surf browser app permission

Hi Guys, 

I have an issue with the soti surf browser. 

When I install and open it, the screen just flashes white

I found that you need to enable few permissions as below. After enabling them it works without any issues.

Just wondering if there are any scripts to enable this automatically

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BrianM | posted this 22 March 2019


The scripts that worked for me were:

afw_set_permission_grant_state net.soti.mobicontrol.permission.DEVICE_INFO_AFW allow
afw_set_permission_grant_state net.soti.mobicontrol.permission.GET_DATA_AFW allow

Which set the sliders to an enabled but not accessible position:



Also, I found that I had to add a filter when assigning the package containing the script to tell it to add the script package after SOTI Surf had been installed.



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Raymond Chan | posted this 22 March 2019

For devices in Android Enterprise device-owner mode, please refer to my post at


What version of Soti Surf are you using? I am not sure if I see the same permissions as yours in my previous tests.  The permissions you can try maybe are

  net.soti.mobicontrol.permission.GET_DATA allow  , net.soti.mobicontrol.permission.DEVICE_INFO allow, etc.


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